Cornelius Exhibits At British Coatings Federation REACH Seminar

Дата начала: 3/3/10
Дата окончания: 3/3/10

Cornelius Industrial Group exhibited at the BCF REACH Seminar held in Nottingham on February 23rd. The event was well intended by representatives from many coatings manufacturers, and several speakers gave informative presentations on REACH.

The Cornelius stand explained our approach to REACH and highlighted products that offer benefits when working to standards being imposed by new and forthcoming legislation. These included :

Drycoat (TM) - a new replacement drier for cobalt 10% from Rockwood Pigments
Rheolate 212 (TM) - a tin-free polyurethane rheology modifier from Elementis Specialties
Tintayd AQ (TM) - dual humectant tinting systems for water-borne architectural coatings, with superior compatibility and resistance to water-sensitivity, from Elementis Specialties
Bosig Chemie - high-solids and water-based alkyd resins, high-solids hydroxy acrylic resins
Shark PVB - recycled PVB, and water-based PVB dispersions

One piece of news from the seminar of particular interest is that lead chromate (commonly used in pigments) has been selected as one of a small group of Substances of Very High Concern that will undergo further scrutiny. There is a real possibility that this could lead to these materials being effectively banned so users would be well advised to find alternatives. Solaplex (TM), from Rockwood Pigments and Cornelius, is an ideal replacement, especially where good heat or chemical resistance is required.

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